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Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Ohio

Don’t let a fire in your exhaust hood shut you down or put you out of business. Keep it clean with a name you can trust. We’ve been serving Ohio for over 15 years!

We clean all accessible parts of the exhaust system to keep your restaurant safe, while our no-mess setup keeps your kitchen clean.

Protect your restaurant from grease fires, extend the life of your system, and improve your system’s function with a cleaning from Midnite Express - Grease Monkeys.

Cleaning the hood
Cleaning the fan housing
Cleaning the fan blades

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Service Includes

Hood Cleaning

Your hood is the main focal point of your kitchen and an important part of the cleaning process.

Duct Cleaning

We open the fan housing and clean the duct work from the roof down using spinner devices.

Fan Degreasing

We degrease the exterior of the bell and then open the fan housing to ensure that all of the fan and housing areas are cleaned.

Fan Belt Adjustments

We remove the fan cover and make sure all the belts are in proper working order. As fan belts become lose, we adjust the tension to make sure that you are getting the beset performance from the fan blades.

Fan Bearing Lube

We check to make sure that all of the bearings are properly greased to ensure you get maximum use without additional repairs.

No Mess Left Behind

Our no-mess setup ensures your kitchen remains as clean as it was when we arrived. All grease is captured and disposed of properly.

Service Area

We operate in a 2-hour radius from our base location.

We serve the following areas:

  • Akron
  • Ashland
  • Cambridge
  • Canton
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Coshocton
  • Lancaster
  • Mansfield
  • Millersburg
  • Mt Vernon
  • New Philadelphia
  • Newark
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Westerville
  • Wooster
  • Zanesville

We will travel outside our service area for an additional fee.


In working with Midnite Express you will find the company leadership to be centered on customer service and problem solving with solid solutions executed effectively and consistently.

  • Rob
  • Owner of Dairy Queen

Before & After Photos

Hood before cleaning Before
Hood after cleaning After
Duct before cleaning Before
Duct after cleaning After
Fan before cleaning Before
Fan after cleaning After